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In this world of social media, technological devices, and gadgets all around, could you imagine living without anyone of these? Obviously, we can’t live even a single day without this world of live streaming. There is no one around us who would be unfamiliar with such platforms. Either it is Netflix, YouTube, or other places where people spend their leisure time. Entrepreneurs around the world have smelled these roses and are constantly bringing forth various platforms for people to take liberty and spend their spare time on these websites. Such is a place known as Amazon Prime.

You might be wondering What is Amazon Prime? What does it contain and what are its elements that have baffled internet users this much? What are Membership benefits? There must be a lot of questions dwelling in your mind about Amazon prime. You need not worry about it as we will take you to every detail step by step. What are we waiting for? Let’s get down to the business.

What Is Amazon Prime: What Are Membership Benefits?
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What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a platform that offers internet users several paid options. These enormous options contain video games, TV series, movies, videos, and much more.

As a game lover, Amazon provides you prime gaming. Amazon has purchased this live gaming worth millions of dollars and it is providing its prime members these games without any additional charges. So as a gamer, it is an ideal platform for you to come and play live games. All you need to do is a subscription and here you go to play all your favorite everyday games.

Not only this, but there is another interesting part of being a Prime member. Amazon prime provides you unlimited videos and movies. Now if you are bored of watching those same movies and series, again and again, you have a chance to create your new playlist of favorite videos, latest movies, and series.


How Much Amazon Prime Membership Costs?


In case you might be wondering how much all these perks cost? So here we are for you to give you a complete examination of its cost. On average Amazon prime costs $119 per year. Don’t worry if you are a new member and are afraid of paying this much amount at once. Good news is that Amazon prime also gives its users an option of a monthly subscription. Now, you can subscribe, check and scrutinize the whole platform for one complete month for just $12.99. Isn’t it amazing?

By and large, with $12.99 monthly or $119 per year, you will get access to the world’s best available platform and can enjoy unlimited perks of being a member of this prime community.


Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership


There are a lot of Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership that are mentioned before. But hold on for a moment, do you expect more from this e-commerce giant as the costs are not something justified with the mentioned perks. Surely it will not disappoint you as it also offers a lot more options.

Firstly, it gives an opportunity of having free shipping while we shop for something from Amazon. Yes, you get it right. With a Subscription to Amazon prime you will get an additional benefits or to say a golden benefit. It includes free shipping for the products you buy from Amazon. Wow.. it sounds interesting.

In addition to this, you can get access to the unlimited free music library. From this library, you can have your favorite music without any additional charges. As a music lover, this would be great for you to have a list of the world’s best-created music with you.

What Is Amazon Prime: What Are Membership Benefits?
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Are you a student? If yes, then there is a lot more for you. Amazon Prime is offering students free access to Amazon Prime Student for six months without any extra charges. After this trial period, it also offers students some coupons and vouchers that cost you half of the price as compared to a regular member of Amazon Prime Student. Hold on for a moment, the most amazing part is still there, it offers a discount on fresh meat and other selected food purchases.

By and large, as an Amazon Prime member, you will get all these perks with a paid member of the platform. So what are you waiting for now? Just go and get your subscription today and enjoy being a part of Amazon Prime members.