eBay and Amazon are considered two giants of e-commerce. Both have their brand name, and it is challenging to pronounce one over the other. Each platform has its prerequisites and terms and conditions. As a new seller, everyone easily got confused between the choices of these two superpowers of e-commerce. We have brought here a comparison between different programs of both platforms so that a beginner could easily differentiate the benefits of one over the other “Let us begin the comparison between the two.”


eBay Affiliate Program

eBay affiliate program is a network that offers us to make money by making buyers available. A blog, website, or social media is needed to apply to the program “You can earn commission by sending buyers to eBay.”

Amazon Affiliate Program

On the other hand, Amazon is a vast enterprise that sells many goods either directly or using a mediator between retailers and Amazon customers.  Affiliate programs eBay vs. Amazon says that eBay makes their API available to all affiliates while Amazon limits it to established affiliates only.


eBay Affiliate Program Vs. Amazon Affiliate Program

eBay gives better eBay daily deals, so there is a greater chance of generating value-based sales on eBay over Amazon. They are both competitive and offer more than most other retailers. Amazon starts its pay at the lowest tier of 4% and increases it to 8-10%, depending on the number sold. eBay averages 5-10% depending on the categories promoted or sending new customers. eBay offers bonuses to good-performing affiliates, but Amazon does not.

Amazon offers playback data as well, which eBay does not. In eBay, more fraudulent activity has been seen in the last year. Be sure to read all the terms before signing up, or the account may get deleted. Amazon is great to be used locally, but for international audiences, eBay is recommended. Amazon is more expensive than eBay. One can make more profit and sales on eBay than Amazon.


More Competitive Platform

eBay does not have its brand, and it doesn’t sell its products on its website. It generates a pattern on which other people, particularly the third party, can sell. While on the other hand, Amazon has its brand and sells its products in the market. By keeping in mind this thing, it can be easily said that eBay is less competitive than Amazon.


 Selling On Both Platforms

Selling a product on Amazon is a lengthy and challenging procedure. The listing, product hunting, and shipping is complicated task for sellers. At the same time, Amazon itself takes the payments and then transfers them to sellers after a gap of 14 days. Therefore, these things make Amazon a quite complicated platform for sellers. On the other hand, eBay is considered less complex because the listing, optimization, and then selling are relatively easy for new sellers. The procedure of payments is also less complicated than Amazon. So, one can conclude that selling on eBay is accessible than selling on Amazon.

In addition to the above comparison, there is also another critical differentiation between the two. There is less restriction on the products on eBay, while on Amazon, there are several gated products that need to be un-gated by paying some fees and fulfilling the other criteria.

There are many affiliate marketing websites among which Amazon and eBay are top-ranked. But eBay has been working on its products quality and variety and providing more facilities to its affiliates, making available both new and used products with great discount opportunities so that the purchasers are attracted more towards it.