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The year brings tidings for all the entrepreneurs and business-rising stars of Pakistan. Yes, you heard it quite right. I am talking about the addition of Pakistan to Amazon’s seller list. This remarkable inclusion of Amazon in Pakistan will certainly shift the dynamic e-commerce trends in Pakistan. The exposure of small sellers and manufacturers to this e-commerce giant named Amazon will unleash several opportunities. Undoubtedly, the e-commerce trends in Pakistan during the pandemic have shown exponential growth. However, this admittance of Amazon in Pakistan will irrefutably dispense a marketplace for entrepreneurs to sell their products.

5 Most Expensive Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make
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Moreover, people with very little or no investments are provided with an opportunity for affiliate programs. Thus, with the availability of Amazon in Pakistan people will be capable of having several Amazon affiliate programs in Pakistan. Surprisingly enough, Amazon provides several opportunities for sellers including Amazon FBA. With this provision, the e-commerce giant brings forth a probability of storing seller’s products at Amazon’s warehouse.

Now hang on for a moment; here is the interesting thing. Just imagine you are an Amazon seller and you unknowingly made those expensive mistakes that cause you the loss of hundreds of dollars. So, let’s get down to the whole business and look at those 5 most expensive mistakes new Amazon sellers make:

Manipulation of rules and regulations: 

As a beginner seller, you don’t know the rules and regulations Amazon has, there is a strong possibility that you are going to suffer the loss of those hundreds of dollars you have invested in the Amazon program. In this case, Amazon is going to suspend your account. But what makes the matter worse is that Amazon FBA is not going to return your products stored there.

Incompliance with standard:

An Amazon seller must comply with the standards provided by Amazon to flourish his/her business. The moment you have not come up to the standards of the company is the very moment you are going to forget your seller account and the investment either it is a single dollar or thousands of dollars.

Fake and paid reviews:

The importance of reviews is undeniable in this industry. But wait for a second; are you going to get fake reviews for your product? Leave this idea at the moment because Amazon will somehow know it and will penalize you. This punishment will cost you all of your invested money. So think twice before doing anything unauthorized.

Poor photography:

Product descriptions along with the graphics are something that captures the customer. In case your illustrations are as dry as the dust you are not going to have a single customer. Colorful pictures and photographs will equip your product and captivate more customers.

5 Most Expensive Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make
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Suitable Stock 

Having a suitable stock is essential because many sellers overstock their products. A seller must keep in mind the appropriate amount and duration when they are going to make a stock. Imagine you aren’t able to sell a single product but you overstock it with 20 more items. You are going to lose all your money because your sale as compared to your purchase is very low.

By and large, Amazon is providing a lot of diverse and multifaceted opportunities for people. But utilizing these opportunities and avoiding mistakes is essential to get benefit from these avenues. Knowing the confusion and agony a seller has, we have listed 5 Most Expensive Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make, to beware them from any harm.