Having right and reliable supplier is just a key to success in your Amazon FBA business. But the question is how you can find the right supplier for your online business as there are various types of suppliers that work for Amazon. So, given below lines would be based on discussion about Types of Suppliers for Amazon. After reading this article, you would be able to find and search about right and reliable Suppliers for Amazon FBA business.
Suppliers for Amazon are generally categorized by three groups including wholesale suppliers, drop ship suppliers and manufacturers. Now let’s share how all these suppliers work for Amazon FBA business.

As concerned the wholesale suppliers, they can be the best choice for those who want to purchase products in bulk as they will provide large number of products at very low rates and it lasts very well for buyers. Rates are more convenient with the increase number of products you are going to buy from wholesale dealers and Suppliers for Amazon. Well, working with wholesale suppliers has its own pros and cons.
For example advantages of wholesale suppliers include you have to pay lowest per item price and it can help you offer more competitive price for your products to be sold on Amazon. Easy and simple sourcing is another one big advantage while working with wholesale suppliers. On the other hand, cons of working with wholesale suppliers include you will have to arrange hefty amount of money for purchasing products in bulk and the second issue is related with sustaining and keeping products safe and secure until unless you got the order from customers. In other words, inventory management is the main problem in case of dealing with wholesale Suppliers for Amazon.
Drop ship suppliers are considered the most convenient for people who start their Amazon FBA business. These suppliers are good in the way that they themselves keep, store and send your products just after you take order from customers. No inventory management, low over head costs and variety of products to be sold on Amazon are main features and benefits that drop ship suppliers offer you. On the other hand, less control, stock issues and high cost per item are main issues that you have to face while working with drop ship Suppliers for Amazon.

Manufacturer suppliers are those who produce goods and sell directly to buyer on Amazon. Manufacturer suppliers are good for people who are well established on Amazon but it can be something problematic for new ones on Amazon. Like others, manufacturer suppliers also have some pros and cons. You can get products on very low prices and there are more chances to gain more profit margins and the other one is to personalize the products according to your customer’s demands. The only drawback of working with manufacturer suppliers is to purchase large minimum order.
All these are different Types of Suppliers for Amazon from which you can choose the right one that best suits your status on Amazon and can better accomplish your requirements for running a successful Amazon FBA business. Good Luck!