When you have decided to start selling on Amazon, you are probably considering which selling account to choose, Individual Selling Plan or Professional Selling Plan. Everything carries advantages or disadvantages attached with it; this is also true for choosing a specific selling plan on Amazon. In other words, these advantages and disadvantages go in alignment of your specific needs and suitability. By identifying your specific needs, products range and business volume first, choosing a right selling plan becomes easier.

Selling On Amazon: Professional Selling Plan

As the name suggests, Individual Selling Plan is for individuals having single units without significant inventory. Simple to say, if you are going to deal in less than 40 items per month, Individual Selling Plan is suitable for you. On the other hand, for higher volume sales, i.e. more than 40 items, when you are looking to create a fully formed brand or business through online selling, Professional Selling Plan is right for you. So when you come up with your Amazon brand management strategies, it’s mandatory to choose the plan that makes sense for your business. Biggest decision is ‘which plan to choose?’, and the rest of the things are fairly easy.

The first major thing that makes Professional Selling Plan different from the other is cost. Professional account costs $39.99 per month that is non-refundable, and the plan includes each month renewal at the same cost. You don’t need to pay with every item when it sells. All other fees are charged and applicable.

Through Professional Selling Account, you are able to upload items in bulk from a spreadsheet and the ability to earn the Buy Box, along with many other benefits too. Benefit of winning Buy Box is, it provides best ways to optimize your listings, boost your conversion rate, reach more potential sellers, and sell more and more! The Buy Box is amazing to make your items more visible to attract more customers, which results in making more money and better growth of your brand/business.

When your aims with a brand are higher, disadvantage of 40 units limit is probably that it minimizes your potential profit and growth rate; most probably the 41st customer who can’t buy from you automatically goes to a competitor. Through Professional Selling Plan, you get the option to sell as much as your customers want to purchase. In this plan, you can create new product pages in the Amazon catalog. Unlike Individual Selling Plan, sellers can manage inventory using feeds, spreadsheets and reports. Sellers can use the benefits of managing orders using order reports and order-related feeds.

Depending on your suitability, benefits of Professional Selling Plan are of wider range. There are some of the reasons why you should go with choosing this plan; you can:

  •  sell over 40 items of your inventory
  • collect sales tax by saving money on per-item selling fees
  • freedom to use third party apps and tools
  • opportunity to be displayed in Buy Box
  • opportunity to sell in certain restricted categories
  • plan to run promotions

In Professional Selling Plan, sellers can set specific shipping rates for all products, including non-BMVD products. You can make your listing inactive when you are stuck in some family emergency, inclement weather conditions, vacation, stock limitations or so on. Again when you are able to fulfill orders, you can activate listings anytime. Through Amazon Professional Selling Plan, you can use promotions, gift services and other special listing features to boost your sales and brand worth.

Selling On Amazon: Professional Selling Plan

Selling on Amazon, Professional Selling Plan gives access to 10 additional categories to sell in. Being Professional seller, you can also get advantage of pay per click (ppc) advertising in Amazon marketing and promotional purposes. You will see how much some paid promotions can do to launch your brand and business to the next level. In this plan, you have a wide room to grow as you are able to manage not only dozens, but hundreds even thousands of listings at once. Creating sponsored listings also helps to a great deal.

For businesses looking for loyal followers, Amazon can prove to be a great source in the global online market. Selling on Amazon, Professional Selling Plans provide a large built-in customer base being the perfect marketplace for new businesses. You can easily get the wide range of customers to bring positive cash flow each month according to your requirement without even spending a large amount of money on promotion and marketing of your business, brand and inventory.