Selling On Amazon: Individual Selling Plan

Once you have gone through the long procedure of the necessary paperwork of Amazon seller account checklist for full registration, you choose a selling plan on Amazon. When you want to start selling on Amazon, choose your selling plan cleverly according to your product(s) and sale volume. Make sure your information is correct and verified when you set up a seller account on Amazon, i.e. business information, email address, credit card number, phone number, tax ID and state tax ID.

Selling On Amazon: Individual Selling Plan

To open an Amazon seller account, you must have pre-decided what to sell on Amazon. For this you can check Services or Seller Central on Amazon, or simply click Sell menu in the main page navigation on Amazon. Choosing between Individual Seller Account or Professional Seller Account, you create and register your Seller Account on Amazon

Individual Selling Plan

What is Individual Selling Plan?

As an individual, when you want to start selling on Amazon via Individual Selling Plan, you don’t need to have access to inventory tools and reports on Amazon used for volume selling. 

When you don’t need to access volume selling tools, Individual Selling Plans suits you best, for instance if you have fewer than 40 items per month. It is a pay-as-you-go plan providing you access to a set of listing and order management tools essential for creating listings. Sellers can create listings as required by matching their products to the existing or new pages in the Amazon catalog.


While selling on Amazon, it offers you the selling plans which can be renewed by monthly subscriptions. So, you may still see a monthly subscription line with zero amount in your payment reports if you have no sales. It means the Amazon Individual Selling Plan is more cost effective as compared to Amazon Professional Selling Plan. An individual seller pays fees of $0.99 per item on every sale instead of a monthly subscription fee of $39.99 like professional seller.

Selling On Amazon
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Selling on Amazon, Individual Selling Plan is a simple yet faster way to start . Setting up the account is easy and you can keep it as long as you like. With just putting your details, your online store gets ready to sell products online worldwide and you join thousands of small but serious businesses to make trust on. You can also sell your products across your own web portal or social media by advertising and growing your business faster.


Additionally, Amazon marketplace referral fee and Amazon variable closing fee are also applicable to the Individual Seller Plan. To understand Amazon marketplace referral fee, let’s consider the percentage of your total item price including the gift wrap and packaging charges if applicable. This fee is collected based on the CPA model. Amazon marketplace variable fee amount is fixed for media products and varies for non-media products. It pertains to the shipping details of the sold items.

Selling On Amazon Individual Plan

Selling through Amazon Individual Selling Plan, Amazon has its own set of rules for shipping rates for all products. Either sellers cannot set the shipping rates for non-media products. Though Individual Selling Plan is limited for offering special offers like promotions, gift services and other special listing features, it is still more suitable for an individual seller who is not going with volume sales per month. You don’t need to pay taxes on your orders.