Alibaba and AliExpress are two biggest Affiliate Marketing Websites or platforms that have large contribution in the success of thousands of Ecommerce businesses. Basically, both of these websites are created by Alibaba group that has great name in online retail industry. Alibaba and AliExpress both are offering the best online business services not only for sellers but also for buyers. Here, we are going to share a brief comparison of both of these online retail platforms in the form of Alibaba VS AliExpress. This comparison will include some of important features of both of these websites like typical buyers and sellers, associated costs and other professional services as well.



Alibaba was established in 1999 by Alibaba group as a first business entrepreneur and it has gained so much fame across the globe especially in the region of Asia. provides the best business opportunities to sellers as well as buyers and it is one of the best Affiliate Marketing Websites in the world. Some of important features of include tools for lead generation, CRM tools, request for quotation marketplace, easy to navigate work bench, market and industry analytic tools, auto translation to eighteen plus languages, comprehensive order management and API integration for advanced customization. These are the best features of Alibaba website when we have to discuss both of these websites as Alibaba vs AliExpress.

As concerned sellers and buyers of this website, there come sellers and buyers of multiple types including exporters, wholesalers, manufacturers, trading agencies and other retail companies as well. As Alibaba is one of the biggest Affiliate Marketing Websites, it deals to sell to other businesses. is also considered as B2B website hence typical buyers of this website are like sourcing agents, B2B retailers, manufacturers, whole sale dealers and B2B sellers as well.


AliExpress is also one of the biggest B2B websites and platforms that are very much engaged in online retail business. This website stands in the best Affiliate Marketing Websites in the world. AliExpress is directly engaged in selling to customers across the world and people can individual purchase from this online shopping website. AliExpress is offering it’s the best services for consumers to showcase the best quality products of domestic use as well as commercial use at competitive rates. Payment methods and other procedure of purchasing from this website is just convenient for all.


As we are discussing both of these websites as Alibaba vs AliExpress, some of key features of this website are auto translation of 18 languages, conversion to currencies from 51 countries, support for 38 local payment channels for secure payments and transactions, customized storefronts for sellers, buyer protection and offers learning resources for new sellers. Popular products or sellers of this website include clothing, beauty gadgets, electronics, home improvement appliances etc. On the other hand, consumers are the best typical buyers for

All this is about Alibaba vs AliExpress; hope, you can better understand the little bit difference between both of these Ecommerce platforms and websites. Both are serving as offering the best professional online business services.